ANDRIY MOVCHAN studies the sadomasochistic relations between contemporary art and modern capital at an exhibition in Donetsk.  
EKATERYNA STUKALOVA regards the exhibition “Hnylytsky. Cadavre exquis” as a model of how to present the “new wave” of art  
LARISSA BABIJ sees “The Journey to the East” in Bialystok as a space for new models of cooperation based on love.  
OLGA BALASHOVA pays tribute to Cai Guo-Qiang’s project, but finds no justification for its monumental naivete  
Reflecting on Volodymyr Kuznetsov’s exhibition, ANDRIY MOVCHAN notices that the contemporary media game has replaced the bloody riots of the past  

ANASTASIA ZHYVKOVA takes a close look at urban landscape designs for Kyiv ahead of Euro-2012 at the Canactions architecture competition.  
LIZAVETA GERMAN studies the reaction of young Ukrainian artists to Candice Breitz’s project “You+I” and shares her own observations.  
TAMARA ZLOBINA analyzesTarasPolataiko and Nikita Kadan’s discussion about nationalism.  
OLESYA OSTROVSKA-LYUTA examines whether Ukraine can and should host the Manifesta biennial.  
LARISSA BABIJ flies to Perm for the largest exhibition of Ukrainian contemporary art abroad “ЯКЩО / ЕСЛИ / IF” and looks at Ukraine from the outside.