Exploring Unknowable Boundaries

“Raven” is a performance piece created by American Virlana Tkacz (Yara Arts Group, La Mama Experimental Theater in New York) inspired by Oleh Lysheha’s poem of the same title, translated by Virlana and Wanda Phipps.

“Raven” speaks to our desire to explore unknowable boundaries.

In her invitation to the performance, staged at the Pasika Theatrical Center at Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, Virlana called it a draft workshop. The premier will be at La Mama in New York on April 8.

“Raven” features Larysa Rusnak, Andrew Colteaux , Mykola Shkaraban and Viktoria Shupikov, with music by Alla Zagaykevych, and songs by Aurelia Shrenker and Eva Salina Primack (duo Ash/?).