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1003715 10151513228037021_623939075_n Korydor – Ukrainian journal on contemporary culture – was created in 2010 by CSM, Foundation Center for Contemporary Art in Kyiv, Ukraine. It was exactly the time, when print and online media were experiencing huge cuts and cultural sections almost disappeared or shrunk to 1 entertainment page.

We were told that we’re crazy, that there were no arts critics to write and no readership interested in cultural criticism whatsoever. Three years down the road Korydor works with more than 80 international authors, having readership of around 6000 people each month.

Korydor is created for a community of people that are interested in culture in the widest sense. It’s important for us to write for different audiences – for those, who care about contemporary human condition, as well as for those, who deal with arts professionally. The journal has started as Kateryna Botanova’s initiative to create a club for thoughts exchange and a search of like-minded people, and over the course of three years it developed into a platform for wider discussions on socially and culturally burning issues.

That is the reason why our plans and ambitions grow bigger.

Looking for sources of support we turned to "Spilnokosht", crowd funding platform. In Ukrainian realities of non-transparent economy and taxation we see crowd funding as one of the few possibilities not just to seed-fund cultural projects, but also to build a real family around important projects. We believe that our readers and friends can also turn to be our supporters.

Ukrainians just start to learn to invest in new knowledge, new experiences, in art, literature, film as with current political situation it becomes more and more clear that big politics and big businesses are caught in a vicious cycle of power games and funding culture is too big of a luxury for them. In such conditions (self)education, mutual support and desire to change the surrounding reality become one of a few ways out of the fatal Ukrainian circle, where all great ideas and initiatives disappear.

For three years Korydor follows these principles by touching upon the most critical and burning social and political issues through culture: we write about the quality of life, censorship, human rights and rights to creativity, public dialogue and cultural policies, nationalism and social consensus. We have educational projects: post videos and transcripts of lectures and discussions, organized by CSM and partners, publish translations of important articles from foreign magazines and online publications, work with young journalists and critics.

Your support to Korydor will mean that the journal will not just work for one year more, but that we can engage more interesting and extraordinary people to write, we can pay them more (projected increase of fees – 50%), we can reach more readers (30% increase in 1 year) and help them being or becoming engaged arts supporters and less apathetic citizens. You will help journalists and critics to stay in profession and help artist to see that their work is important and appreciated.

We already hit 116% of our crowd-funding goal on "Spilnokosht" – 5.000 USD that we gathered on September 7, 2013. 
But we still need your support - to keep the English version of the site updated and to attract new authors.

We will be happy to see you and keep you in our great family! And thank you for your support!

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You will receive a confirmation e-card from us and we’ll keep you posted on how we move towards our goal!