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ALEXANDER BURLAKA observes how the city and people have changed during Maidan.  
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SASHA KOLTSOVA: We invite others to consider their attitude to these disgraceful living and work conditions being passed off as “stability, prosperity and order”.  
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VIRA BALDYNIUK: Maidan has become a training center where you can learn different forms of cohabitation – it’s a unique Ukrainian form of team building.  
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MYKOLA SKYBA - about the first steps after Euromaidans.  
KORYDOR asks ukrainian artists about their possible role in EuroMaidan.  
KATERYNA BOTANOVA: Those cherished democratic values that became the bifurcation point on November 21, when the country rose in response to one journalist’s call – mean a place and voice for everyone.  
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Mikhail Rashkovetsky: we need a political force that those who have a human right on today’s maidans wouldn’t be ashamed to vote for.  
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Volodymyr Yermolenko suggests how to break through the vicious circle of violence during Euromaidan.  
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Yevhen Hrytsenko had a talk with student activists about their self-organization during Euromaidan.