VIRA BALDYNIUK talked to producer and co-founder of Walk The Plank Liz Pugh about her point of vew on Ukrainian art sphere.  
Anish Kapoor told LARISSA BABIJ about the danger of "being an artist", about the sources of his ideas and his own experience of space and time.  
vidokle portrait
 KATERYNA BOTANOVA had a morning coffee with Anton Vidokle and heard what he didn't say during his lecture at Arsenal later that day.  
KATERYNA BOTANOVA interviewed Bj?rn Geldhof about his curatorial strategies and the PinchukArtCenter’s investments in Ukrainian art.  
kadan pinchuk
Balashova, Babij, Zlobina, Lozhkina, Ostrovska-Lyuta, Radynski, Stukalova and Chervonik evaluate the results of the PinchukArtCentre Prize.  
OLENA CHERVONIK talks to Georg Elben from Videonale about the festival’s future.  
Vitaly Komar tells OLENA CHERVONIK about the system as a common enemy and about freedom as a rope.  
Vlad Holdakovsky chats with ANDRIY MOVCHAN about architecture of the past, present and future.  
TanzLaboratorium speaks with ALINA SANDULYAK about space, surfaces and the potential of the other.  
KATERYNA BOTANOVA talks to Piroschka Dossi about contemporary art, market rules and their interrelations.  
KOLODIY tells LIZAVETA GERMAN about the state of postmodernism and the future of artistic life in Kyiv  
YANINA PRUDENKO learns from Ryszard Kluszczynski how to distinguish between real and virtual forms of being  
Tiberiy Silvashi tells ALEVTINA KAKHIDZE about the glamour civilization and hidden desires.  
ALEVTINA KAKHIDZE talks with Vasyl Tsagolov about his past projects and today’s young artists.  
Vlada Ralko explains to ALEVTINA KAKHIDZE how ideas are born and where the line is between order and chaos.  
zhanna kadyrova
ALEVTINA KAKHIDZE chats with Zhanna Kadyrova about Center for Contemporary Art’s past and present.  
Victor Marushchenko talks with NADIA PEREVIZNYK about a project dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the Chornobyl disaster.